Welcome to the Fantasy Television Wiki

Hello! Welcome to Fantasy Television! We are thrilled that you are stopping by. Feel free to add to this wiki. Whether it's a station of an existing network or a full fledged new network with all types programming (old and new). The choice is yours and the sky is the limit. Enjoy and happy posting :)

Ground Rules

  1. There will be NO REALIGNMENTS in this wiki. Failure to adhere this rule is automatic banishment.
  2. Fictional networks are welcome, but the total number of networks on this wiki must not exceed the cap of 20. No more networks will be added after 20. Also, cable channels can not be networks on this wiki. However, there is no limit if the network is going to be a subchannel-only network.
  3. No U.S. television station will be allowed to have 5-letter call signs. The letter limit in the U.S. is 4.
  4. PC DMAs are welcome, but the total number of DMAs on this wiki must not exceed 260 (210 Real-Life DMAs plus 50 PC DMAs). No more DMAs will be added after 260. Also, splitting of real-life DMAs to make a new DMA will not be accepted on this wiki. Here is the list of the 210 RL DMAs:,1
  5. No spamming of pages, blogs, forums and message walls.
  6. No soliciting of illegal content. THIS IS A BANNED OFFENSE.
  7. No threats to one another to induce harm virtually or physically. THIS IS A BANNED OFFENSE.
  8. Remember to use the Fantasy TV Infobox 1 when creating your station.
  9. No merging networks together, THIS IS A BANNED OFFENSE.

Failure to follow the ground rules will result in a punishment of either a probation or being blocked (banned) for a period of time to be decided by either the founder or administrator of the wiki.

Table of Networks

Real Life Fictional
CBS Rainbow Dash Network
The CW American Broadcast Network
Fox New Line Network
Ion Television The WB
MyNetworkTV Dorado Broadcasting Company
NBC DuMont Television Network
PBS B Network
Telemundo Acme
Univision Pokemon Broadcasting Company (PBC)
Subchannel-Only Networks (There's no cap on them)
United Dorado Company
Bounce TV
Antenna TV
This TV
Cozi TV
Pax TV
Omni Broadcasting Network

Real-Life Network CEOs

  • ABC (Cbcarter34)
  • CBS (Kruejac)
  • The CW (Kruejac)
  • Fox (Andy39)
  • Ion Television (MattDet)
  • MyNetworkTV (Andy39)
  • NBC (RainbowDash72)
  • PBS (varies by station)
  • Univision (NESTLEH)
  • Telemundo (RainbowDash72)

Latest activity

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